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my-biog is a website created to help you create a detailed and personal record of your life. It is date-based, so that every entry is located to a date – detailed, as in a specific day, or general – as in a range of days, a month or a year, or even a set of years.

Each entry is tied to a date as above, and then there can be almost unlimited text entry within that date. You can also locate the entry to a specific place, for example your home, school or city, and you can also add references to photographs you have stored elsewhere in the cloud.

Adding or amending any entry is simple – by accessing the date you will see the whole entry, and standard editing features are available, including a spell-checker. It is also possible to amend the date, or refine a general date (eg February 1989) to a specific date (eg 17 February 1989)

Access to your biography is simple – via the website, by entering your name and password, or by mobile phone or tablet. Thus if you suddenly think of something to include, wherever you are, you simply log in add it in – the program will automatically catalog it into the correct time date slot and sort it in with the rest of your text.

Photos can be attached to any text by simply copying in the Flickr photo number to the database. You can set up your Flickr username and password directly into your membership details and my-biog will do the rest


Who’s it For?

my-biog is for everyone. We all want to leave a mark - and someone, somewhere will be interested in your life. If you have children, it’s a way of recording your life down the generations. It is also an amazing tool to help you if you’re constructing a family tree - it will complement the facts in the family tree with detail, warmth and colour - even sound! Use it for your grandparents and previous generations if you wish - talk to your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and more (use a recorder and just chat to them - you’ll be amazed at how the stories will come tumbling out) and build up a biography for each one - you can make use of the family discounts


my-biog classroom


 Make use of the school discount to get the class involved in history. They can start their own personal histories, or assign each one a President or famous historical figure to research. my-biog will make it easy to find facts, insert them in a random sequence, and then collate the research for use in an essay or class presentation. See the Sign-up page for our generous pricing deal

Getting Started

Getting started is simple – how about your date of birth? Key it in, with a simple header “I was born”. If you know the city, type it in and we’ll find the coordinates; if we can’t find the city then look it up on Google maps and get the coordinates. If you can narrow it down to the hospital then find it and put in those coordinates.

Now you can jump forward to the present if you like. How about where you live? Get the address, locate on Google maps, and key in the date you moved in and there’s another record. There is an option to enter the end date as open, so that when you move on you can key it in at that time

You’ll find as you do this the memories will come flooding in. How about that holiday? Maybe you just remember the month and year, or perhaps “summer 1995”. Key it in, then the header “summer at the beach”. Now you can type in some details – don’t worry if you can’t remember the hotel name, or someone you met – the memory is an interesting thing – the more you think about something, the more the memories will connect up and soon you’ll not be able to type fast enough to keep pace with  your recollections.