You can enter several formats of dates, depending on the style of entry or even what you can remember:

Single date



Month / year

Season / year

Date from – date to


Create memories for the whole family and for generations to come

Thus for example you will be able to enter:

A single date:   4 January 1992 - Married

A period:  1982-1985 - The Oaks High School

A year:   1986  - Lived in New York

A month / year:  April 1986 - Vacation in Florida

A season / year:  Summer 1986 – Travel in Europe

Date from-to:  7 February 1993 – 21 February 1992 - Skiing in Vermont

If you can remember it - it’s worth recording it!


The header is a 20 character piece of text to describe the event – eg “1st day at 1st grade” or  “my 18th birthday”


Text is free-form. You can write as much or as little about in an entry as you like. It will be spell-checked as you write and is fully editable at any time.


You can enter a place by reference to Google Maps – eg.

40 53.454', -111 54.724', or by place name eg. Salt Lake City or Utah

Start as young as you like - you will carry on building your biography for the rest of your life - and there’s a discount for members of the same family



You can reference photographs in Flickr. Simply copy the last 11 characters from the Flickr heading and we will do the rest, provided you have named us as a friend. The photographs will be displayed whenever you or a friend view your entries


In a similar way if you want to attach a piece of music to the entry, enter the Shazam number and this will cross-reference

The mobile phone and tablet apps means that you can update your biography anywhere, anytime

Record your Story

And if you can’t or don’t feel like typing at the moment, we have a recording facility so you can dictate your thoughts to listen to later when you can type them up